Advertising article and pad printing

Pad printing as an optimal choice for high-quality promotional items.

Would you like to have certain promotional products printed with the logo of your company, contact information, a funny slogan or other interesting content? And you are wondering which printing technique is best for this?


We can help! A very popular printing technique is pad printing. Pad printing uses the same colors as screen printing. The result: the print attracts with longevity, high gloss level and color density.

The pad printing gives more advantages in comparison to screen printing. Thanks to the pad or stamp made of silicone, which optimally adapts to the surfaces, objects of different shapes, sizes and surfaces can be perfectly printed.


Professional pad printing on promotional items at a low price


For example, pad printing is particularly suitable for printing and labeling promotional items such as lighters, pens or key fobs.


Do you have questions about pad printing on promotional items? Get in contact with us – we are happy to advise you!

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